Monday, 24 June 2013

Three Factors.

There are three factors: work, popular culture, and inheritance.

Work is pragmatic and secular.
Popular culture is hedonistic and anti-religious.
Inheritance is idealistic.

So the young person has pressure from employers directly in their work and indirectly through media outlets (news and sports).

They also have pressure from Satanists is the popular culture directly through their headphones and indirectly through peer pressure.

They have an inherited idealism, which has come down from the hippies, which makes the spiritual political.

Notions of God and spirituality are vague and confused.

Most are anti-religious, this is the fashion.
So they are at once religious and anti-religious.

Sometimes, as happens with repressed energies, this comes out in a perverted form like a belief in magic.

This is re-enchantment gone wrong.
And fertile ground for Satanism.

Because popular Satanism works on the unconscious you may find two contradictory beliefs existing at once.
For example a disbelief in God and a belief in Satan.
Or anti-religious beliefs and beliefs in magic - which is based on the inverse of religious doctrines.

Our task is to bring what is in the unconscious up into the conscious mind so that it can be examined and resolved.

This is why I expose Satanism in our music and entertainment.
So that people can see it for what it is and decide for themselves.

This may mitigate some of the anti-religious feeling in our society and allow spirituality to combine with the Emerging Church.

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