Sunday, 23 June 2013

A Double Life.

Young Australians who privately admit to spirituality are living a double life.

Work dominates everything 24/7.

Work is left brain, logic, secular, materialistic, pragmatic, cynical, and competitive.

Young people know what employers want and they publicly adhere to their materialist philosophy.

But privately they are spiritual.

By this they mean idealistic and non-materialistic.

This is sometimes revealed on the internet with activist sites and environmental groups.
They express their repressed goodwill by supporting internet campaigns.

To keep your job you will tell your employer what he or she wants to hear.
Privately you may feel the exact opposite.

But this cannot be expressed in any official way.
Our politicians are cynical and pragmatic - as materialist as big business.

There is no room in our official culture for any idealism.
Idealism is a dirty word to business.
So we don't admit to any ideals.

But the internet sites that fight causes are growing every day.

Some politicians have caught sight of this but no one is prepared to take the risk.

So we have a stalemate.

Young people's real personalities, however, appear on the internet, so idealism will win out in the end.

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