Saturday, 31 January 2015

The Tears of Heaven.

On earth
we writhe
in paroxysms of pain.

But our sufferings
the tears of heaven.

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Thursday, 29 January 2015

Tuesday, 27 January 2015

The Glass Curtain.

The barrier between the First World and the rest of the world can be likened to a Glass Curtain.

You can see into the First World via the mass media and the internet but you cannot enter.

This Glass Curtain contains a disproportionate share of the world's resources.
And it is supported by superior military strength.

Those in the towering glass skyscrapers rule the world.

But as we enter the Age of Aquarius this will begin to change.

Aquarius is about equality.
So the gap between the first World and the rest of the world will begin to close.
We have already seen this with China and India.

We can only hope that this will take place gradually so that we in the First World can adjust to less.

But if we dig in our heels and refuse to budge then change will come in sudden, shattering blows.

So be prepared to live with less.

You may even find that less is more.

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Sunday, 25 January 2015


God can be seen

in Life,


and Love.

All religions teach this.

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Friday, 23 January 2015

Wednesday, 21 January 2015


Love is at the heart of all the things of light.

It is the source and the purpose of life.

Man was made for Love.

We cannot live without Love.

So when the ray of light comes it opens our hearts through the Love of God.

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Monday, 19 January 2015


Faith is fatefully out of fashion.

Our popular culture, our music, and our entertainments are all geared to the abandonment of faith.

The New Atheists delight in destroying faith.

To me true faith is believing in the goodness and benevolence of God when all around you are blaming Him for what happens on earth.

It means to relinquish the idea that life is controlled by God.

It means to hold on to the idea that God is Love.

It means to go against everything that our culture teaches us.

But what happens on earth is the result of human beings acting out of free will.
It is not done by God.

So pray to the God who will deliver you.

And always have faith in Him.

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Saturday, 17 January 2015


We hear the word selfless bandied about in the media.

It means such things as handballing instead of kicking, or tackling to protect a teammate.

This cheapens the words selfless.

To be truly selfless is to be attuned to the needs of others.
To never think of ourselves but to think all the time of others.

This, of course, is impossible.
But it is something we can aspire to.
It is  something we can do in the moment, in individual circumstances.

Once again we must overcome our fear of being taken advantage of.

We must trust in the goodness of the universe.

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Thursday, 15 January 2015


To be charitable in the world in which we live is to act counter to everything our culture teaches us.

Our world is driven by money and profit.
It is cutthroat, miserly, and tough.

Charity goes totally against all of this.

Charity means to give.

To give to those in need.
Not to blame them for their own misfortune.

To do this we must have compassion.
And we must overcome the fear that makes us hoard money and things.
The fear that we will never have enough.

Give to your neighbor and treat him kindly.

And you will be a child of God.

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Tuesday, 13 January 2015


To forgive another's transgression benefits the one forgiving as much as it does the one forgiven.

This is because it relieves the one forgiving of destructive feelings of hate, revenge, and vindictiveness.

When these feelings are gone it is a great relief.

Bur also forgiving others gives them another chance.

When we come closer to God through study and prayer we are forgiven what we have done wrong.

So it is only fair that we should forgive others as God has forgiven us.

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Sunday, 11 January 2015

A Ray of Light.

We are surrounded by darkness and evil.

The culture around us is cutthroat, selfish, hedonistic, and miserly.
Evil flourishes in the darkness.

But through study and prayer we can see a ray of light.

Mercy, forgiveness, compassion, charity, generosity, selflessness, gratitude, faith, hope, and love.

These are the things of the light.

These are the qualities we should be cultivating in ourselves and teaching to our children.

But don't be fooled by celebrity posturing.
Seek those who are truly selfless.

Pray and seek the light.

You might just find God.

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Saturday, 10 January 2015

Gays in Heaven.

I saw a room

set with hundreds of tables

with bright pink tablecloths

and cutlery of gold.

And all was prepared

for the celestial banquet.

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Thursday, 8 January 2015

Follow Me.

When you follow in the footsteps of Jesus.

When you love God with all your heart and love your neighbor as yourself.

When you open your heart to God and to others.

When you cease to accumulate money and possessions.

When you give freely to others as God has given to you.

When you realize that God is your Father and all people are your brothers and sisters.

Then you may be poorer but the quality of your life will improve dramatically.

Your  relationships will flourish and grow.

Your fear of others will leave you.

And love will be your guide.

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Tuesday, 6 January 2015

Good News.

5 Reasons Why Progressive Christianity Is Good News:

1.  We no longer have to take the Bible  literally.
Modern Scholarship tells us that the Bible is a human construct compiled over thousands of years.
It was meant to be interpreted metaphorically.

2.  We are not condemned.
The story of Adam and Eve is a myth which was invented to answer questions about human existence.
There are other explanations:
Original Blessing.

3.  Hell is out of character for a loving God.
If God does not punish us there can be no hell.

4.  God is on the side of the poor, the powerless, and the marginalized.
This is the message of the Old Testament prophets.

5.  God is Love.

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Saturday, 3 January 2015

Separating the Sheep From the Goats.

When the hippies and baby-boomers were revived by generation Y they raised their rock legends with them.

It seems that they were unable to discriminate between that generation's sheep and their goats.

By this I mean that they were unable to discriminate between the victims of Satanism and its perpetrators.

The hippies and baby-boomers were not evil in themselves.
In fact they were beautiful souls dedicated to peace and love.

But their rock stars led them astray into a life of drugs and degradation.

That is why it is important to discriminate between the positive cultural influences of the hippies and baby-boomers and the negative influences which can be traced to their rock legends.

We must separate the sheep from the goats.

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Thursday, 1 January 2015


The heat of Summer

brings out

the tropical bougainvillea.

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