Monday, 28 April 2014

Give Love.

Cast your love upon the waters.
Not in the hope that it will come back to you.
But because this is the way we love our neighbors.

"We love because he first loved us."  1 John 4:19 (NRSV)

A church should not be a moral police station or a house of hate but the heart of the community.  A place where people can come and experience Love.

And it will only be this if we give up our judgments and prejudices and give love as God gives to us.

We should project love out into the community from a sure foundation in the Love of God.

Our love should be unconditional as His Love is for us.

We should love God, love our neighbor, and love our enemies as Jesus taught us.

Only then will our love be universal - like a light shining in the darkness.

[Scripture quotations (marked NRSV) are taken from the New Revised Standard Version Bible, copyright 1989 by the Division of Christian Education of the National Council of the Churches of Christ in the U.S.A., and are used by permission.  All rights reserved.]

Photo Credit: coniferconifer via Compfight cc

Monday, 21 April 2014

Live and Let Live.

God is not the arbiter between interest groups on earth.

He will not adjudicate in favor of Christians or Muslims.

He will not punish losers.

No one will win.

God fosters a live and let live approach.

Jesus said to settle disputes with each other before approaching God.

This is why there is no solution in the Middle East.
Each side is trying to claim victory in God's name.

There will be no victory until both sides recognize that they are brothers and equal in the sight of God.

This applies to all conflicts on earth.

Peace on earth and goodwill to all.

Thursday, 17 April 2014

When the Light Goes Out.

When the light is crucified the darkness closes in.

And evil grins in the darkness.

Because once the light is gone from the world evil is free to manipulate everyone from the shadows.

Darkness hides them.

From the darkness evil deceives the whole world.

And the blind lead the blind.

Monday, 14 April 2014

Don't Believe Everything.

Our media is owned by big business.

They manipulate what we see and read for their own purposes.

So don't believe everything they tell you.

They lie, exaggerate, manipulate figures, and use religious language to demonize their political opponents.

This had been happening for over a decade and it is getting worse.

We are being fed blatant lies.

This is to demonize their opposition and prepare the public for their business agenda.

This will make the rich richer and subjugate the poor.

It is time we woke up and challenged their propaganda.

It is time we saw the motives behind the headlines.

And turned the television off.

Thursday, 10 April 2014

Don't Be Fooled.

Some Satanic rock bands will feign a conversion experience in order to gain trust and continued sales.

There are a number of artists who have done this.

Don't be fooled.

Look closely at the titles and lyrics of their songs.
I guarantee you will find left-handed (i.e. evil) words and images.

Their so called conversions are a blind.

They continue on their left-hand path.
Their music is poison.
And their words are sabotage.

Don't be fooled.

Wednesday, 9 April 2014

The Driver's Seat.

Of course we must be constantly on guard to ensure that the New Paradigm is not hijacked by those rock stars and others who have sold their souls to the devil.

This is what happened to the revolution of the 1960s.

Rock stars put themselves in the driver's seat of the movement and steered it away from its idealistic origins.
Peace and love became pleasure and sex.
Selfishness replaced altruism.
And drugs replaced spiritual experience.

This is the disaster of the hippies - sex and drugs and rock and roll.

And it only got worse.

In the 1980s the devil worshipers sent them to hell.
Hatred and violence turned on them and rock music revealed its true origins in Satanism.

But people refused to believe that their rock legends were evil.
They resurrected them and now they rule alone.

We must make sure that they don't take the driver's seat of Progressive Christianity as they did the Age of Aquarius.

It is my job to expose them.

And return the Age of Aquarius to the hands of God.

Monday, 7 April 2014

Much Maligned.

God has been much maligned.

Not only do people hold God responsible for all the bad things that happen on earth, but His priests and ministers slander Him daily in their attempts to explain life.

God is not responsible for what happens to us.
These things are the result of human actions taken out of free will.

God is compassionate and trustworthy.
He will not let us down.

The priests and ministers of the Church have painted an image of an angry, vengeful, even violent God in their attempts to explain what happened to Jesus.

This is not revelation.
This is conjecture.

Well may we say that the blind lead the blind.

God is not waiting to punish us for our sins.
God did not punish Jesus in our stead.

God punishes no one.

He is our loving Father and He will not reject us.

Thursday, 3 April 2014


Often we make the mistake of thinking that being violent, vindictive, or malicious is being strong.

These things may make people fear us and therefore not attack us or bully us, but they make a bully of us in turn.

People who are really strong - i.e. people who know who they are and are not afraid of others - are gentle and loving.

We can make the mistake of thinking that life is about being stronger than others.

This is not true.

Life is about loving others.

We came into this world to learn how to give love.

So do not fall into the trap of seeking to be stronger than others.

Give up your fear and open your heart.

Then you will begin to live.