Thursday, 20 June 2013


The reason why I have not addressed the subject of homosexuality to any great extent is because I have reached the final stage of identity development where homosexuality is second nature to me.

It is just one aspect of my personality and does not dominate my life.

Others have studied the subject in detail and written about the Bible passages and doctrines which refer to homosexuality.
I concur with their findings that the brief references to homosexuality have been taken out of context and misinterpreted.

Needless to say I believe that God does not condemn me because of my homosexuality.
To the contrary I believe that God is using me as a gay man to make peace between His Church and the gay community.

My experience of God is that He does not harp on matters of sexual morality.
We saw this with Jesus and the woman taken in adultery.
He drew in the sand and would not condemn her.

This is a striking contrast to the Church which is obsessed with sex and sexual morality.

Homosexuality is much more of a problem for God's Church than it is for God.

God loves me.
His presence is with me.
He speaks to me.

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