Thursday, 21 September 2017



Violence against homosexuals is not new.

In Australia there was a tradition among men of poofter bashing before the gay liberation movement of the 1970s.

Many, especially those of the older generation, still harbor these views.

This is why the Church, which is made up of mostly older generations, is so slow to change.

Resistance from homophobic elements within the Church slows down any progress.

And a reluctance to question the authority of the writings of St. Paul only adds to the problem.

St. Paul's writings on sex and homosexuality are ill-informed, ignorant, and perverse.

We would do better to follow the teachings of Jesus.

Jesus made no mention of homosexuality at all.
And his inclusive approach would indicate that he would not be homophobic in his views.

Homosexuality is love.

And as love it is part of God.

We would do well to recognize this.

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Wednesday, 20 September 2017

The Humanities.


When we were at school we studied the sciences - mathematics, chemistry, physics etc..
But we also studied the humanities - languages, literature, history etc..

We were just beginning, however, to enter the mindset which ultimately valued the sciences much more than the humanities.  Art was for dummies.

Now education is considered job training and the humanities are not valued at all.

With this development has come a lack of humanity in our society.

We are trained to think entirely in left-brain rational terms.
The right-brain imagination, which feeds religion, is ignored.

And as such we are unbalanced psychologically and emotionally.

We need to bring more humanity into our lives.

This is the task of 21st Century religion.

The revelations which are now coming from God attempt to redress this imbalance by re-reading the scriptures as poetry and metaphor.

In this way the spiritual becomes intelligible rather than being considered fanciful and thus being discarded as worthless or even dangerous.

Too often we regard the visible as the real whereas the metaphorical refers to unseen realities which can be apprehended and experienced.

Science ignores the sacred.

We must recapture the sacred in our modern world in order to regain our humanity and our sanity.

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Tuesday, 19 September 2017

The Aquarian Temple of God.


The Aquarian Temple of God may be a mental construct in which God is panentheistic and immanent.

That is to say that God is everything and more and God is in everything and everything is in God.

This is not to reject science but to complete it.

To bring a sense of the sacred to the lifeless laws of science.

For God is not just an impersonal force or energy.
God is also life and consciousness and intelligence and imagination and love.

God is sensitive and artistic.

He relates to us as a person.

He enlightens our minds.

But the sanctuary of the Aquarian Temple is the human heart.

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Monday, 18 September 2017



In the English language we have words for the study of life (biology) and the study of the mind (psychology) but we have no words for the study of imagination or the study of love.

This betrays a bias towards science and left-brain rational thinking.

This reflects a worldview which devalues right-brain imaginative thinking and emotion.

Love, of course, is not exactly an emotion but it is something that we feel rather than something that we think.

So how are we in the West to relate to God, who acts symbolically and who is Love?

We need new words to describe this experience.

The recent invention semiotics (the study of symbols) is a start.

But for words for love we must look to the Greek language which has several words for different kinds of love.

Love, of course, is the mustard seed of the Bible which is the tiniest seed but grows to be the largest bush.

This means that it is something that is regarded of little value by the world but grows to be the most important thing of all in life.

My word for the study of love is amorology.

So now we can at least think it.

Our journey begins here.

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Sunday, 17 September 2017

Homosexuality and God.


God does not discriminate against homosexuals.

I know this because I am homosexual myself and my relationship with God is strong.

This relationship is characterized by trust, reliability, and consideration, but most of all by Love.

There are no qualifications.
God's Love is unconditional.

So do not listen to those who tell you God hates gays.

They do not know gay people.

And they do not know God.

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Saturday, 16 September 2017

A Blessing.


What is needed is a Church that is an unmitigated blessing to its members and to the community around it.

No longer will we be a threat to others.
No longer will we judge others.
No longer will we boss others around.

But we will help and encourage each other at all times.

To do this we must become an unmitigated blessing ourselves, an agent of unconditional love.

If we open our hearts and give love to those around us we will be reflecting the Love of God and can truly be called sons and daughters of God.

So follow your heart.
And give love to others.

Be a blessing.

This is the way forward.

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Friday, 15 September 2017

Homosexuality and the Church.


Without getting involved in the interpretation of relevant passages in the Bible, I would suggest that the relationship of homosexuality to the modern Church rests on the issue of homosexual orientation.

Most people now accept that some people are born with a homosexual orientation.  This means that they are sexually attracted to people of the same sex.

If we accept this then their same-sex attraction is natural to them and not an aberration.  Therefore it is not immoral.

Same-sex attraction can be observed in the animal kingdom as well as in humans.  This directly contradicts St. Paul and others who claim that it is purely a human perversion - that they are heterosexuals behaving wickedly.  And it supports the argument that homosexuality is natural - part of the diversity of God's good creation.

Therefore homosexuality is good.

And it should be treated in exactly the same way as heterosexuality, opening the way to leadership and marriage in the Church.

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