Sunday, 14 October 2018



It is the objective of some in our society to make of gays and lesbians a scapegoat.

It is not difficult to persecute a minority group especially when there is fear surrounding them.

The persistence of AIDS makes gays and lesbians a soft target.

So don't listen to those who tell you gays are to blame for our ills.

Gays are no more to blame than anyone else.

And God does not discriminate.

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Saturday, 13 October 2018

What Makes the World Go Round?


What is it that makes the world what it is?

It is not money, or power, or violence.

What makes the world go round is fear.

Fear drives those with money.

Fear makes people seek power.

Fear makes people violent.

If they had a tiny seed of faith they would be free of avarice, lust, and anger.

But they say. "God has forsaken the Earth."

And war rages on.

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Friday, 12 October 2018

Status Quo.


If we merely reinforce the Status Quo Religion will die out and the world will be left at the prey of evil people.

We cannot afford to just do things the way they have always been done.

This way has been rejected.

We must invoke a more compassionate God.
A God who forgives.
A God who loves us.

We must banish the God of judgement and vengeance.
We must forget the God of anger and hate.

God does not repay us tit-for-tat for our sins.

This is the way of the world.
It is not the way of God.

God is bigger than that.

He forgives our mistakes.

And He loves us like a Father.

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Thursday, 11 October 2018

God's Reign.

Like a gentle rain

from Heaven,

God's Blessing

Surrounds us,

God's Mercy

Confounds us,

God's Grace

Astounds us.

Like a miracle

of Love,

God touches us.

And restores us to Life!

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Generation X.


The truth about Generation X is that they resorted to evil and violence to win.

Rejecting the Baby-Boomers' ideal of peace and love they set about disproving it by force.

And they conspired with Satan to achieve it.

They were infatuated with the devil and the dark side.

They bragged that they were pure evil.

Their entertainment was horror and violence.

They were blasphemous and they were bad.

And they tried to lie and cheat their way out of it.

But this supernatural duplicity is not the truth.

They cannot lie to God.

They cannot cheat Heaven.

They are living backwards.

And they are suckers for Satanism.

So sooner or later they will have to eat humble pie.

They have massive egos.

They are moral relativists.

And they are spiritual cowards.

So there you have it:

The truth about Generation X.

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Wednesday, 10 October 2018

The Fathers.

God's Reign


upon us.

Blessing us.

Reviving us.

Setting us free.

And opening

before us

The hearts of the Fathers.

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Our Corporate Masters.


Not only does Satanism feed the negatives of each generational group but they corrupt our corporate masters.

At the Barcelona Olympics the Opening Ceremony included something called The Devil's Rain  which showed all manner of evil and horrors from hell.  This was conducted by Japanese rock musician Riuichi Sakamoto.

At the London Olympics the Opening Ceremony featured the (evil) Rings of Power and a segment called Pandemonium which is the name of the capital of hell in Milton's Paradise Lost.
It also depicted cigar smoking plutocrats from the Industrial Revolution.
The rest was rock music.

These are evil things designed by the guilty to tempt those in positions of power - i.e. those rich enough to make up the audiences at those Olympic Ceremonies.

And I'm sure there are many other ways in which Satanists in our culture corrupt older generations.

This is why the world is becoming darker. more violent, colder, more unjust and unforgiving every day.

And no one seems to know why.

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