Sunday, 16 June 2013


The epidemic of our time is alienation.

This is caused by the coldness of society, scientific mindsets, and the breakdown of relationships.

The number of one person households is at an all time high.
The older generation are almost all divorced and the younger generation are almost all cautious of commitment.

There is no community.

Individuals are expected to look after themselves.

This is good for the economy but disastrous for society.

Our scientific education teaches us that all around us is dead matter, God is absent, and life has no meaning.

Add to this the negative effects of Satanism in the media and entertainment, especially rock music to which the young are tuned in day and night, and you have a very bleak picture indeed.

The New Paradigm is teaching us that all life is interconnected.
We are not alone.
Even if we are isolated and lonely we are still connected to all the life around us.

The New Paradigm also teaches that God is immanent - within everything.
We are surrounded by Love.

Add to this that God wishes us to open our hearts and give love to others and you have a very warm picture indeed.

Alienation is fear.
Fear of others.  Fear of strangers.  Fear of authority.  Fear of society.....

The New Paradigm teaches us that God is our Father and all people are our brothers and sisters.

Once we realize this the fear leaves us and we are able to live again.

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