Monday, 10 June 2013


The aboriginal describes the presence of God in nature.

We look at our own environment: neat, sculpted gardens; paved streets; tarred roads; steel and glass skyscrapers; houses like little boxes.....

Our first impression is that it is dead (scientific thinking) but if we look at it from the aboriginal point of view - we seek to impose our will on nature - hence everything is controlled, organized, ordered according to our will, our needs.

But it is not dead.

Each item from nature has been fashioned according to a human being's creativity and is therefore alive - in its essence from nature.
                                                      - infused with creative energy.

So each item - a wall, a road, a telephone pole - has a history of being taken from nature and fashioned according to an individual's creativity - reflecting that individual's ideas and feelings.

We are co-creators with God.

Our creativity can make beauty that we can see, hear, or feel.
It can be wise or compassionate, uplifting, or revelatory.
It can also be depressing, even violent if it is expressed in a negative fashion.

Like the Indian God Siva whose energy can be creative or destructive.

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