Saturday, 15 December 2012

The Church.

The conservative establishment (bishops) usurped the message of Jesus at Nicea, put words in his mouth, and changed him back into a king and conqueror, later to be used to conquer other nations.

Jesus' message of unconditional love and forgiveness was subordinated to the Machiavellian mass control techniques of the establishment.
The Fall/Redemption, Penal Substitution theology.
Jesus the teacher of love became Christ the almighty king.

Later Augustine extended this control to sex, making sex the reason for the Fall and causing men and women to feel unworthy of God's love, then providing forgiveness for the price of obedience.

Lastly, Jesus was said to be returning to judge humanity (something which he refused to do in life) and the theology of rewards and punishments (which Jesus had rejected) was returned to the place of power which the priests of Yahweh had established.

So Jesus' message of unconditional love and forgiveness from God was lost to the world.
In its place we have the Church.

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