Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Nature Gods.


If you watch T.V. documentaries nature is:

But there are other aspects to nature which are not shown on T.V..
These correlate with ancient gods:
Abundance (Osiris).
Nurturing (Isis).
Faithfulness (Mut).
Growth (Ceres).
Healing (Thoth).
Creativity (Ra).
Adaptability (Hermes).
Intelligence (Mercury)
Intuition (Nephthys).
Beauty (Venus).
Ingenuity (Hephaestus)((Ptah).

In school we were taught that the natural world was devoid of gods:
It was mechanical.
It was dead matter.
It had no intelligence.
It was devoid of meaning.
It was separate from God.
God was distant (in heaven).
Was Indifferent.
Was inactive.
Was to blame.
Hated His own creation.
Was tough.
Was Judgmental.

Alternatively (New Paradigm), God is a gardener (sets things in motion).
Is present.
Is active.
Is not to blame for what we do to each other.
Is goodness itself.
Is sensitive.
Is understanding.
Is Love.

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