Friday, 12 April 2013

Universal Principles.

If hatred, revenge, and violence are the dark side then love, forgiveness, and harmlessness are the light side.

These are universal principles.

If lies, deception, and cowardice are characteristic of the dark side then truthfulness, honesty and courage are the light side.

Cruelty, murder, stealing and destructiveness are dark.
Kindness, mercy, contentment, and creativity are light.

Injustice, oppression, persecution, and domination are dark.
Justice, freedom, tolerance, and equality are light.

Miserliness, taking, and selfishness are dark.
Generosity, giving, and selflessness are light.

Cheek, anger, provocation, and corruption are dark.
Respect, calmness, patience, and integrity are light.

War is dark.
Peace is light.

Agitation is dark.
Serenity is light.

Excess is dark.
Moderation is light.

Harsh punishment is dark.
Understanding id light.

Cursing is dark.
Blessing is light

Negativity is dark.
Positivity is light.

These principles apply no matter what your religion.

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