Tuesday, 23 April 2013


Working backwards from the answer, Satanists in our popular culture believe that a person who rebels against God and commits himself to worldly goals, forsaking everything that God has taught us and doing the opposite, will automatically succeed.

As if Satan is the god of the world and his ways succeed on earth.
They believe that everyone is in Satan's power (as  St. Paul did).

And it can often seem that way.

This, however, is not the case.

Satan does not exist.
So we cannot be in his power.
Nor can they sell their souls to him.
Nor can he reward them for their (dirty) deeds.

So practicing Satanism - principles of hatred, violence, revenge, torture etc. - is pointless.

They are creating great suffering for nothing.
For, despite the fact that Satan does not exist, their deeds still affect us -
negative input, hatred, violence (physical, emotional, spiritual), malice, sabotage, drugs, divorce..... all these things they do while disguising themselves as humanitarians, even saints.

Most people take things at face value.

This is backwards and forwards.
Backwards (black magic) to create success - money, sex etc..
Forwards to cover it up.

They are evil by choice.
And if they can be exposed, i.e. break the spells that hide their activities, then people will see them for what they are.

It is not just heavy metal music either.
It is all rock music and more - movies, sports, T.V., novels etc..

Working through the unconscious, it is a constant diet of evil and sabotage designed to lead you astray and lead you to death and damnation.

But this will not happen.
Death is a theological fiction (i.e. it does not exist in reality).
Damnation is a human construct (i.e. God does not do it - it is out of character).

In a popular movie poster one of them is standing behind a young man making the sign of the devil (two fingers for horns) on each side of his head.
This would indicate that he was trying to make the young man think like a Satanist, i.e. hate God, be bad, live for sex, court money, possessions, and status, take revenge, desecrate the holy, destroy the Church.....

And he thinks it creates success.

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