Thursday, 11 April 2013


God is merciful, kind, patient, sensitive, beautiful, and loving.

He judges no one.

It is as if He knows the reasons why people are as they are.
He knows our childhood and our experience.

God does not interfere.
He does not force Himself on anyone.

In adolescence, when we come to know the world with all its faults, we become cynical and bitter.  This makes us more selfish.  We call it being realistic.

But this is not the ultimate Reality.

If we call upon God in our distress He will deliver us.

God knows the violence and darkness of the world.

He sows light.

We misunderstand it.  We rationalize it.  We ignore it.  We extinguish it.  We alter it to suit ourselves.  We misinterpret it.

It has been said that God sends a messenger when it has become most dark.
When the darkness is so black that the light is overcome.
Then God intervenes:
Akhenaten, Moses, Buddha, Jesus, Mohammed.....

The time, the place.....

It is very dark now.

The new paradigm is Aquarius.
The light is the light of love, unconditional love.

Harmlessness (ahimsa).  Trust.  Faith.  Charity.
Honesty.  Equality.  Humanitarianism,  Altruism.
Freedom.  Consideration.  Compassion.  Forgiveness.....

All these things radiate from the goodness of God.

But the greatest of all is Love.

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