Wednesday, 10 April 2013

The Light.

There is no punishment from God.

There is no Judgment.

There is no Hell.

There is no Devil.

These are projections (onto God) from humanity.

The Devil is a conception created by one theory of existence.
It explains why there is evil in a world created by a good God.

There are other explanations.

Humans in their ignorance (darkness) commit errors (sins) which create evil.
There is no need for a supernatural entity called the Devil to explain the evils of the world.
Human ignorance is enough.

When babies are born they seem to glow with an inner light.

We soon discover that they are self-centered, possessive, aggressive, territorial, demanding, and exhausting, even manipulative.

We learn to be more social, to share things, to have consideration for others, to be sympathetic, compassionate, and to love.

Is this a pattern?
Darkness to light.
Ego to selflessness.

Enlightenment, development, growth.

Suffering teaches us compassion.

Our life is like a Shakespearean drama of which we are the protagonist.

We exist to experience, to learn.

Unfortunately, most learn to be cynical and selfish.

Are they happy?

Some learn to be childlike again.
To trust and love like a child.
Without the childishness.

The world is corrupt and full of darkness.

Seek the Light.

The Light comes from God.

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