Thursday, 9 August 2018

The End of History.


Communism is a violent totalitarian system.

It was defeated in Russia by the efforts of the Reagan administration and Pope John Paul II.

Unfortunately the victory was not claimed by democracy but by capitalism.

This is why Western capitalist captains declared The End of History.

The expression The End of History comes from the writings of Carl Marx who claimed that the end of history would see the victory of the common people.

The captains of Western capitalism hated Marx so much that they used his own expression to describe his defeat.

Socialism, however, is neither violent nor totalitarian.
And the defeat of Soviet Communism has not seen its demise.

The victory of Western capitalism has seen the world become a colder, more violent place.  The disparity between rich and poor is at the greatest level in history.

The common people have no power.
Governments are in thrall to rich corporations and individuals.

Democracy is almost dead.

It is to be hoped that the plutocrats who now rule our world will modify their behavoir sufficiently to allow people to live in peace.

If not, however, we may see people taking up arms once again to overthrow corrupt elites.

Photo Credit: Šlhemund Flickr via Compfight cc

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