Wednesday, 20 December 2017

The Tenants.


If you choose to join a Church you must realize that you will encounter the tenants.

The tenants are those who have been given the job of administering God's Churches.

But, as happens in the Biblical Parable of the Wicked Tenants, if you challenge them they may be unwilling to give up their authority and power - they may be reluctant to change.

They may even become threatening or violent.

So, if we are to bring with us the New Paradigm, we must be prepared to confront the tenants of the Churches.

My contention is that the reason they resist change and progress is fear.
Fear of losing control, fear of losing their position, fear of anything new or different.....

This is particularly the case in relation to the acceptance of pratising homosexuals in the Churches.

They cling to their homophobic past like leeches.
They dig in and refuse to change.

So be prepared.

You may experience psychic or spiritual violence if you persevere.

But know that this is not a sign of guilt but a sign of change.

A change for the better which the Churches are resisting.

Photo Credit: Catholic Church (England and Wales) via Compfight cc

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