Friday, 29 December 2017

Pure Evil.


In the 1980s when Satanic rock music emerged from its hiding place many people turned to evil in order to win.

13, 666, Friday the 13th, the Beast, black, hate, horror, demons, violence, and pure evil became household words.

We were faced with violence on one side and political persecution on the other.

This is when the Hippie Generation was deconstructed.

We were condemned and abused, intimidated and attacked.

Only to be reconstructed by our political enemies.

But this kind of victory - a victory by violence - is no victory at all.

The attitudes of the Hippie Generation before they were reconstructed, before they were betrayed by their rock stars, represents the closest attitudes to God.

Peace, love, non-violence, benevolence, and tolerance are the ways of God. 

Photo Credit: Nefeli Tsalta via Compfight cc

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