Sunday, 17 December 2017

The Will of Heaven.


At first we identify the vicissitudes of life with the Will of Heaven.

And it is easy to ascribe these changes to rewards for good behavior and punishments for bad behavior.

But on closer inspection it is not at all certain that these relationships exist.

Often bad behavior will be rewarded and good behavior will result in suffering.

The Book of Job in the Bible was written to demonstrate this reality.

It now seems to me that most of our suffering is the result of the ignorant actions of human beings with free will, usually inspired by fear.

The suffering caused by natural disasters demonstrates the autonomic state of nature itself not the Will of God.

The Will of Heaven is wholly good and benevolent.

It is light without shadow, life without death, good without evil.

Heaven is transcendent, sublime, beautiful.

It is gentle, non-violent, peaceful, and happy.

But most of all it is Love.

Photo Credit: KC Mike D. via Compfight cc

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