Friday, 11 October 2013

The Holy Heart.

The Holy Heart blossoms like a flower.

The difference between the Holy Heart and the Sacred Heart of Jesus is that the Holy Heart is not surrounded by thorns or pierced by daggers.

And while it may be that Love is crucified in this world, it is not because of Love that this happens.

Jesus was crucified for challenging the Pharisees and threatening the Romans by his popularity.

This is not because of Love.

This is because of fear.

Were Jesus able to allay the fears of the Pharisees and the Romans the result might have been different.

But claiming to be the Son of God was too much for the Pharisees and King of Kings was too much for the Romans.

I do not believe that God intended Jesus to be crucified.
I believe that God hoped the good news of unconditional love and forgiveness would spread throughout the world.

Instead He used the catastrophe of the crucifixion to show us that death is not the end.

The Holy Heart blossoms like a flower.

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