Sunday, 20 October 2013

Sleight of Hand.

Satanism in the media is disguised as something else in order to maintain popularity.

Shows promoting rock music covertly sell Satanism to young wannabes who will believe their stories of instant success.

Their songs have double meanings and they are always ready with a lie to tell an unsuspecting public.

The main reason why they have not been exposed is that modern people don't believe in the devil.
So they presume that others don't either.
How can there be Satanists if there is no Satan?

There may not be a supernatural being called Satan but there certainly are Satanists in the music industry.

And they are not just openly Satanic bands.
Others disguise their true nature by sleight of hand.
They pretend to be good, or even saviors, in order to get people in.

Once they have taken you in they will turn your mind to the dark side and lead you astray with the intention of getting you into hell.

There is no hell in reality but the damage they do remains.

So beware.


  1. Michael, your expand here beyond what I have heard before on your thoughts about rock music and Satanism. What do you think about Christian rock groups? Are they different or the same?

    1. Christian rock bands are not damaging in the same way as Satanic rock bands. There is no negative suggestion or backtracking.
      But heavy metal music is not good in itself.
      The sound and the rhythms stimulate negative feelings.
      But it's better than Satanic rock.

  2. Okay, thanks for the clarification!