Tuesday, 22 October 2013

No Punishment.

Perhaps in the end God punishes no one.

Even the most wicked apostates are His children.
And He will not reject them.

This, of course, makes hell impossible.

As many have said, hell is our of character for a loving God.

So our image of God must change.

No longer will we see Him as an enforcer of rules.
No longer will He be the dispenser of punishments.

God is our loving Father.
And He will not reject us.

There is Biblical support for this view in Luke 15:
the parables of the Lost Sheep, The Lost Coin, and the Lost (Prodigal) Son.

These are the parables of reconciliation.
Even to the very last one.

Jesus says that our sins are forgiven.

And as he says in the parable of the two debtors - he who is forgiven more will love God more.

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