Sunday, 22 September 2013

Dominus Sanctus.

The characteristics of a national language are reflected in their actions.

When the Latin language was used for Christianity it displayed the characteristics of Rome.

One of these characteristics is domination of others which comes from the Latin Dominus which means Lord.

Had Christianity stayed a Hebrew or Greek concern the characteristics of these languages would have created a quite different Church.

The English God of power and might reflects the attitudes of the British Empire, which conquered other nations.  This was translated from the Latin.

The German Language of Martin Luther was abstract and philosophical. Consequently Protestantism is more intellectual and arid.

So what characteristics does modern, international English lend to Christianity?

Progressive Christianity is democratic, liberal, and altruistic.
It concerns itself with social justice, environmentalism, and unconditional love.

These aspects of Christianity come largely from modern, international English.  

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