Friday, 13 September 2013


What is it that makes a person say, "I will make myself strong."

Once again it is fear.
Fear of being overpowered, fear of being bullied, fear of going under, fear of humiliation.....

During the 1980s it was noticeable that many men in the gay community practiced bodybuilding.
This was to make themselves strong.
They felt so threatened by AIDS and the community's reaction to AIDS that they felt they had to be invulnerable.

This at first seems a kind of answer to life.
But it leads to tests of strength and power struggles that are counter-productive to our development.

The better response is to open your heart to those around you.

To do this you must overcome your fears.
Your fear of strangers, your fear of sickness, your fear of commitment.....

And in doing this we develop our hearts and increase our capacity to love.

It is this Love which is the purpose of life.

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