Monday, 18 March 2013

Words of Love.

Childlike love (Gk: storge):
(i)   for mother.
(ii)  for father.
(iii) for brothers and sisters.

Romantic love (Lt: amor):
(i)   for women.
(ii)  for men.

Sexual love (Gk; eros):
(i)   for same sex.
(ii)  for opposite sex.

Fraternal love (Gk: philos):
(i)   for people of our own culture.
(ii)  for people of other cultures.

Parental love (Gk: storge):
(i)   for our own children.
(ii)  for other young people (mentor).

Universal love (Lt: caritas):
(i)   for everyone.
(ii)  for everything.

Love of God (Gk: agape):
(i)   adoration.
(ii)  devotion.

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