Monday, 25 March 2013


With the advent of globalization and world financial markets we are becoming more aware of how we are interconnected.

Increasingly we are all in this together.
We are brothers and sisters.

As this happens the inequalities between us are coming to the surface.
For example:  land deals in third world countries by first world companies and governments,
                        exploitation of labor in the same way.

As these hidden supports of western wealth are revealed the shame and stigma associated with them will force the first world (who consider themselves good and pure) to change their policies.

This will gradually cause the world to become more just and equal.

But it is a slow process and the first world powers - corporations and governments - do not want their secrets revealed.

This will effect the wealth of the west.
It is our task to see that this is done justly and compassionately.
Not just by market values which are so brutal.
Not just at the expense of welfare and the social safety net.

Unfortunately the rich own the media.  Therefore they control what we see.  They will whitewash the west and the wealthy and demonize foreigners and the poor.
As the British Empire concealed its crimes.

The rich do not want their domination challenged and will fight to maintain it.

This is fear.

But they will only do what they can get away with.
They cannot survive shame or legislation.
There will be demonstrations and boycotts.
Occupy Wall Street is the beginning of this.

People do not want to be ruled by the rich (plutocracy) but by the state (democracy).

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