Saturday, 23 March 2013

Moses and the Law.

When Moses delivered the 10 Commandments they represented what was needed by the Hebrew tribe, who were, by all accounts, a rather unruly bunch.

The commandments of the Law were health regulations and such things as incest prohibitions, which were good things for the tribe.

As happens with most things, however, the powers that be decided that if rules and regulations were good (what God wanted) then more and more rules and regulations would be better and better.

This is not, however, the case.

As happened in the 1960s when too much restriction was rectified by more freedoms, more and more freedoms were granted until there were no rules and regulations at all.

The pendulum swings wildly one way then the other.

Perhaps the answer lies in the U.C.A. Sexuality Reports which recommended freedoms and responsibilities - finding a balance between the two extremes.

Interestingly these two principles are ruled astrologically by Saturn (restrictions) and Uranus (freedoms) - the two co-rulers of Aquarius.

So finding a balance between the two may perhaps be a clue to the Age of Aquarius.

You will find both in the Bible - The Law, The Old Testament.
                                                    - New Wine, The New Testament.

Although rules and regulations may be a good thing, this by no means justifies punishment.

I have never known God to punish anyone.

Punishment is a principle based on fear - fear of crime and harmful behavior (badness) - and as such is a human invention.

God works more through light - enlightenment, realization - and relies on goodness.

Badness = fear.

Goodness = love.

Consequences on the other hand are to do with cause and effect.

So AIDS is not punishment from God for the sin of homosexuality but if you are promiscuous and have many sexual partners you run an increased risk of contracting a sexually transmitted disease like AIDS.

This is perhaps more to do with common sense than moral law.

The Law is not a set of moral absolutes, it is a set a of guidelines for the benefit of the community.

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