Sunday, 10 February 2013

The Law.

The whole of the law is love.

Those rock stars and celebrities who have sold their souls to the devil have done so on the basis of received knowledge.

This knowledge is told them by religious authorities.

The religious authorities concerned believe that God is harsh and judgmental, that He does not approve of sex, and that homosexuality is an abomination.  They also believe that there is a devil who is constantly tempting humanity with a view to getting them into hell.

The devil worshipers believe that if God does not approve of sex and wealth, then the devil can deliver these things if you sell your soul.

They have made their decision on the basis of false information.

The religious authorities' image of God is false.  It has been handed down from generation to generation through fear and violence.
It is not Jesus' image of God.

There is no devil, neither is there a hell.

Satanism is the inverse of traditional Christianity.  And traditional Christianity, as formulated under Constantine and Augustine, is false theology.

If there is no devil he cannot deliver wealth and sex.
If there is no hell they cannot get us into it.

Most of their beliefs and practices come from traditional Christian beliefs - sin, temptation, damnation - backwards.

But these are false beliefs.

That is why I can feel some sympathy for them.  They have been misinformed.

Talent and transits account for the success that comes to some of them.  Failures they ignore.  The same things happen to stars who have not sold their souls.  Sex and wealth.  There is no need of Satan.

So God will not blame them.  His heart is full of compassion.  He does not destroy them.

It is a gigantic misunderstanding.

Neither will He destroy the religious authorities who informed them.  Their beliefs came from fear, fear handed down from father to son for generations.

So love your enemies, understand them and understand God.

God is a father, He does not punish His children when they act out of ignorance. Ignorance of the law is an excuse.  The law in any case is love.

Do sex and wealth bring happiness?

What bring s happiness is our relationships.  And our relationships are the love in our lives.

God is love.
The whole of the law is love.

So those who have turned to the devil can be reconciled like the prodigal son.

And those who have informed them, the usurpers of Jesus' Church, can be saved. Their fear can be overcome once they see it for what it is - man-made.

Then perhaps we can love God and love our neighbor.

Photo Credit: Wretched, Saved by Grace Flickr via Compfight cc

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