Sunday, 24 February 2013


God's ways are profoundly counter-cultural.

Our culture demands that each person or family must be independent and self-sufficient.  (Each home must have its own car, television, washing machine, stereo, microwave, DVD recorder, vacuum cleaner etc..)

This is very good for the economy but not very good for society.
It is also very expensive..

Our culture also demands that people support themselves.
This is to some extent mitigates by the welfare system which is so unpopular with the right wing.  The welfare system is impersonal, i.e. there is no contact between the donor (taxpayer) and the beneficiary (pensioner).  This obviates any feelings of obligation.

We do not expect to help anyone outside of our family circle.
The disabled, the destitute, the marginalized are expected to look after themselves.  Even within families the unmarried and the sick are marginalized.  For them it is cold and lonely.

This is caused by fear.
Fear of obligation, fear of burden.

God's ways are different.
God wishes us to befriend each other - including the poor, the widow, the fatherless - i.e. the disabled and the destitute, those who are marginalized and excluded.  God wishes us to have them in our homes and feed them.

God wishes that we open our hearts and love one another.
Especially those beyond the church's door (i.e. outside of our circle) who may be lonely and isolated.

God's way is warm and inclusive.
Genuine friendship, compassion, and love.

Brothers and sisters in Jesus characterized by love for each other.
Visiting, excursions, meals not out of obligation but out of genuine friendship and Love.

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