Sunday, 17 February 2013


If we intend to reconcile those who have turned away from God we must first make a safe place for them in God's Church.

This means we must teach :

There is no Judgment.
Otherwise they may become violent Christians.

There is no hell.
Otherwise they may turn from dragging people into hell to sending them.

There is no Satan.
Otherwise they may become violent crusaders.

Sex is O.K. with God.
Otherwise they may become fanatical about sex.

Homosexuality is a legitimate form of sexual expression.
Otherwise they may become violently anti-gay.

There is no Fall.
Otherwise they may become fanatical about Jesus.

Christianity is not the only path to God.
Otherwise they may become exclusivists (converters).

God is unconditional Love.
Otherwise they may hate sinners.

In other words we must teach the New Paradigm.

If we can teach the New Paradigm in the western Protestant Churches, i.e. if it is acceptable to believe in this way within the Churches, then there will be a safe place to reconcile the worshipers of Satan who covertly control much of the popular culture around us.

This black web of evil must be replaced by a golden net of love which penetrates deeper into the unconscious than backtracking and subliminal suggestion.

Perhaps this unseen hook is already in place.

Their mentor taught that the Law was Love.

As this is the truth then perhaps this is the Ariadne's thread with which they can be reconciled.

The rest is false knowledge (mostly received).

This relates back to the teachings of the Church :

Original Sin.
The devil.
Sex phobia.
Anti-gay postures.
Jesus as the only path to God.
God is (sexual) morality.
We earn salvation through good works.

These are the same things that need to be changed in order to make a safe place of reconciliation.

So the cause and the remedy are the same, i.e. to change the negative (false) teachings of the Church.

We should advocate the New Paradigm of Christianity - the teachings of the historical Jesus - as energetically as we can so we can address Satanism in our world.

Once we have created a safe place we can call an amnesty.
A Truth and Reconciliation Commission.
Where the truth will be told to all.
And forgiveness will be granted = reconciliation.

Of course this is voluntary.

They may not (yet) be willing to be reconciled to a God who is judging and punishing people (eternally).

This is a false image of God.

It is the reason that they turn to Satan in the first place.

So this false image of God must be changed.

We must teach the New Paradigm.
A true image of God which at the same time satisfies the intellect and is therefore acceptable to modern educated people.

Then perhaps the reconciled musicians, movie makers, and sportsman and women may spin forwards and advocate a new faith which will lead people back to God.

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