Tuesday, 15 May 2018



In our modern industrial world we are expected to be self-sufficient.

We are expected to look after ourselves financially, emotionally, and physically.

We are not supposed to be needy.
This is shameful.

But we all have needs.

We are not, however, good at expressing our needs.

Our egos imprison us.

It takes humility to admit that we have needs.

And this applies to our relationship with God.

We are too proud to admit that we need grace and forgiveness.

We imprison our minds in a contract mentality.

We must earn and deserve and merit.

But we cannot barter with God.

We must humble ourselves before God.

We must admit our needs and our pain and our inadequacy.

God will respond with Grace.

His Love is unconditional.

It is a free gift.

No strings attached.

But we cannot manipulate God.

There may be times when His silence is bewildering.

There may be times when He seems distant, even absent.

But He is always there, always available to us.

We can trust God.

His love will save us.

Photo Credit: Plumkin Flickr via Compfight cc

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