Sunday, 1 October 2017

Strange Ideas.


Modern Satanism infects you with the strangest ideas.

The perfect example of this is fire.

By associating fire with sex and energy they make you want hell.

And by associating all sex with Satan and evil they make you want the devil.

And by appropriating the idea that the kundalini (power) is a serpent and therefore Satan they put all power in the hands of the devil.

And by associating death (black) with sex they make you want death (i.e. death to God).

And by blaming the Church for banning sex they make you hate God.

And by associating sin with fun they make you want to sin.

Unconsciously we associate sex with life and therefore think that the Church is death and the devil is life (which, of course, is backwards).

And by associating the toilet with sex (Freudianism) they make you want excrement and urine (the classic joke about hell).

So half the population is unconsciously practising Satanism without even realizing it.

My job is to point out what is happening and find the source of the problem.

Most of this is done through rock music.
But T.V. shows, movies, literature, and sports are also involved.

The first thing we have to realize is that the people behind these words and images are evil.

They sell their souls for fame and fortune and then do the devil's work (as described above) in the world.

This is the tip of the iceberg.
Most of it is done on the unconscious level.

But the effects can be clearly seen.

So unplug your earphones, throw away your C.D.s, turn off the T.V., and stay home.

These things are constantly played in venues and pubs.
Brainwashing everyone.

Of course all these things are considered sinful, even damnable, by many.
This, of course, is what the Satanists hope will happen to you.
That is, in fact, their aim - to get you to transgress in the hope that God will damn you to hell.

But God is merciful.

You would be better off in church on Sunday mornings.

Pray to God.

And He will deliver you.

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