Saturday, 14 October 2017



What can we do to counter the effects of modern Satanism?

Obviously we must point out the spurious nature of these ideas.
They will not stand up to scrutiny.

But because most of it is unconscious most people do not subject these ideas to the test of logic.

So we must put out counter-ideas which are true in order to counter their effects.

The major idea which we must put forward is the idea that sex is life, and as such sex is intimately associated with God, the creator of all life.

The Churches must change their teachings in regard to sex if we are to have any hope of a religious revival.

This is related to ideas about sex energy which come from Yoga and Eastern religions.

Yoga must reclaim the energy which comes from God and dissociate kundalini from Satan.

Perhaps a better image is the opening lotus flower which cannot be appropriated by Satanism.

All power comes from God.
And as such it is in His hands.

We must open our eyes and see what is being done to us and the people who are doing it.

It is no use just hiding in denial.

These things are discernible - you can see them - but we won't admit what they are.

Our rock legends are too precious to us.

Normality is too seductive.

But it is no use battling against them and trying to defeat them.

The only way to proceed is to dismantle their deceptions and force them to face the Reality.

There is no devil, no death, no hell.

Only God's Love.

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