Sunday, 24 September 2017



The first step we must take to create a more just and equal world is to force the multi-national corporations to pay their tax.

If these corporations paid their tax in the countries in which they made their profits the benefits to third world countries would equal the aid given them by the rich nations of the world.

But, despite concerted efforts by activists, the G20 is dragging its feet.

Angela Merkel and the other leaders of the G20 are too afraid to challenge these corporations for fear of losing their countries' prosperity and privilege.

We need new leaders committed to global equality who are not afraid to take on the corporate plutocrats who rule our world.

We do not want to be governed by the rich.

We want to be governed by leaders who truly represent the common people.

And it is the will of the common people that the corporations pay their tax.

Photo Credit: Escape Harassment via Compfight cc

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