Friday, 8 September 2017



The whole planet is in denial.

Everyone knows that rock music is Satanic.

The symbols of Satanism are obvious:

Tongues, daggers, snakes, spiders, webs, horns, skulls, death, graves, skeletons, fire (hell), apples, fall, rogues, villains, sin, filthy, wicked, shame, bad, transgression, upside-down, backwards.....

Because Satan is not real does not mean that there are no Satanists - those who believe in the devil and do his work in the world.

And because the devil is not there does not mean that what they do has no effect.

Their evil malice - their curses and their sabotage, their temptations and their lies, their drugs and their addictions - all these things remain.

But you are all in denial.

You say it's not there.

Wake up!

Open your eyes!


We have all been deceived.

Rock music is Satanic.

Photo Credit: ambodavenz via Compfight cc

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