Tuesday, 30 August 2016

Web of Evil.

When I say that there is Satanism in our rock culture but there is no supernatural being called Satan, you say, "Then what harm can it do?"

I don't believe in Satan, but they do.

Ask yourself what harm can drugs and divorce do?
What harm can negativity and suicide do?
What harm can hatred of the Church do?

You can see the results for yourselves.

Untold suffering and the demise of the Church leave our world with no virtue and no hope.

Satanism in our modern culture has poisoned everything.
We are deceived and diverted.  Our hearts are hardened.
We are perverted and corrupted without even realizing.

Look more closely at what you are watching and listening to.

If you can see beneath the mask of popularity you will find the answer.

Darkness and destruction lurk in the shadows.

Once you see this you will begin to emerge.

Turn to God and be delivered from this web of evil.

Photo Credit: Maggggie via Compfight cc

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