Sunday, 29 May 2016


Something that characterizes Satanists in our popular culture is an obsession with personal image.

An image which is purely cosmetic.

They pose as messiahs, prophets, and saviors.
They pretend to be good, idealistic, and humanitarian.
They impersonate saints.

This hides their true character which is evil.

Their actions are destructive and deceptive.

Their art is subtle sabotage.

But people cannot see them.
Their disguise is too good.

We think they are good like us.
Because we are mostly good we cannot see the evil in them.
And because they are mostly evil they cannot see the good in us and assume we are all corrupt like they are.

But their magic lies are backwards:
They are good and good is evil.

They hate Jesus and they hate the Church.

But the time has come for us to unmask these impostors.
To wipe away the make-up and strip away the costumes.

To recognize that their image is merely cosmetic.

Photo Credit: Fellipe Maffini Griboski via Compfight cc

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