Sunday, 14 June 2015

Birth Control.

Is homosexuality nature's birth control?

As we move further into the 21st century the problem of overpopulation is increasing.

Advances in medical science and the subsequent reduction in infant mortality means we are growing at an unsustainable rate.

Is it possible that nature is producing more homosexual people as a method of birth control?

Homosexual people do not reproduce under normal circumstances.  Sperm donation, or IVF, or surrogacy are necessary for homosexual people to reproduce.

This is not a moral question.
A minority of homosexual people will still want to have children.
And they should not be discouraged from doing so.

Nature adapts to new circumstances.
For example fruit flies can change their sex according to need.

So it is not outrageous to suggest that nature is creating more and more homosexual people as a method of counter-balancing the population explosion.

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