Thursday, 25 June 2015

An Evil Influence.

Does it ever seem that your life is cursed by an evil influence?

Well you're right.

The Satanism which was pioneered by 1960s rock bands has now spread through all of our popular culture.

This influence constantly tempts us to live it up, take drugs, practice sexual promiscuity, have affairs, leave our loved ones, spend money (on them), drop out, practice magic, and leave the Church.

It constantly distracts us from our purpose and sabotages any spiritual search.
It will lure you to the dark side.

In other words it's backwards.

It can be recognized by fire and darkness.
These spiritual negatives lead us to ruin.
They result in a burnt out wreck, not a spiritual saint.

It is totally hedonistic and destructive.

But there is no Satan in reality.
Only Satan worshipers.

In the end the reality is God's Love.

Photo Credit: Images by John 'K' via Compfight cc

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