Monday, 12 August 2013


Satanism is orthodox religion backwards.

Orthodox religion is dominated by fear of God.

This fear of God motivates the Satanists' rebellion.

Their image of God is one of tyrannical morality - punishment, judgement, violence, torture.

This image is completely false.

They have taken the negative orthodox image of God and internalized it.

So their malice, their sabotage, their violence is based on a false notion.

They prefer Satan:
Satan is reliable (a contract), dominant (the way of the world), desirable (pleasure, sex, fame etc.), and consistent (evil).

But there is no Satan in reality.
The effects of fame and fortune happen in any case whether you sell your soul or not.
It is the result of talent and work, not some supernatural contract.

So all the damage they do is for nothing.
It is all an enormous misunderstanding.

But they will fall at the last hurdle.

There is no Satan only God's Love.

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