Saturday, 18 May 2013

The Plutocracy.

It is the way of the world to think ourselves superior and live a life of privilege.

God is the great leveler, the great champion of the poor and underprivileged.

Unfortunately what happens is that the powers that be - the rich - usurp the power of God and change the religion of equality to suit themselves, placing themselves at the top.

To God all people are equal.

God's natural socialism has been perverted by the conservative establishment.

This was neatly rationalized by the rich to endorse their power and privilege.

So the Church endorsed monarchs, with their entourage of aristocrats, born to rule and usurp God's power.

But to God all people are equal.

Money and power always usurp the authority of God for themselves.

But God will not endorse them.

So the blind lead the blind.

And the light is crucified.

The rule of the aristocracy is established by violence and maintained by fear.

At present the conservatives are using violent language to attack left wing politicians.

This is to establish their power over the masses.

They use their media outlets to propagate fear and violence against their political opponents.

A constant barrage of negativity.

When the light rises you see evil as well as good.

The hidden evil - Satanism in the popular culture and propaganda in the media.

Conservative businessmen and politicians, blue ribbon conservatives and captains of industry.
The Plutocracy.

But Uranus is square.

Social activists are openly challenging the corrupt powers.

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