Monday, 13 May 2013

The Next Generation.

We forget, when we have learned things or regard the things which humanity has achieve during our lifetime, that people born after us may not have learned those things.

So it is important to put in place in advance education that will pass on to later generations what we have learned.

Otherwise humanity is doomed to repeat our mistakes.

This can take the form of legislation (eg: gay marriage legislation) or education (eg: gay sex education in schools) or custom (eg: gay bashing is gutless).

Of course any of these things can be reversed by counter-revolutionary forces.  But once they are in place they tend to stay there.

So if Churches teach that there is no devil then future generations will not sell their souls and the problem of Satanism will die out.

This is part of a complete overhaul of religious thinking in our world.

At present many Churches still preach the devil and his angels.
So it is a small step to believing this and embracing the dark side.

They tell people that rock stars practiced Satanism and it and them famous, rich, and sex gods (dogs).

Of course that's not what happened.
But how do you prove that?

Those things happen to all stars and celebrities whether they sell their souls or not.
But how do you prove that?

No devil is a start.

In the end there is no Satan only God's Love.

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