Tuesday, 26 June 2018



What is it that holds the Status Quo together?


We worked hard for our wealth.

Our holidays generate income for people in poor countries.

People are poor because they are lazy or vicious.

All people on welfare are cheats or criminals.

All Muslims are terrorists.

All asylum seekers are queue-jumpers.

We are not racist.

We are not rich.

The politics of envy.

Trickle-down effect.

Class warfare.


Political correctness.



Bleeding hearts.

All these rationalizations are false.

They seem true superficially but they will not stand scrutiny.

But no one ever questions them.

They are handed out by politicians.

And people repeat them to you word for word.

They are reinforced by the media.

This is why nothing ever changes.

No one ever questions these rationalizations.

Photo Credit: Eric Flexyourhead Flickr via Compfight cc

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