Wednesday, 29 November 2017



Jesus' revelation was a breakthrough in humankind's vision of God.

Before Jesus God was seen as a strict arbiter and judge, a dispenser of natural justice who rewarded the righteous and punished the wicked.

With Jesus came the realization that God was not going to punish us but restore us to our true selves and relationship with Him.

Now we are beginning to see that God is beyond our human understanding, beyond our ideas of dualism, beyond our human judgements.

God is transcendent, sublime, beautiful.

But God is not an impersonal force or energy.

God is profoundly personal.

And contact with Him enhances out humanity.

God makes us more human.

God touches our hearts.

And teaches us to love.

This is the essence of spirituality.
Not perfect principles of morality.
But a humble heart that understands our human weaknesses and mistakes.

Love forgives, love builds up, love returns, love stays, love cares, love delights, love weeps.....

So we are not meant to be perfect practitioners of righteousness.
We are meant to be humble, gentle, loving children of God; men and women ready to love and to help those around us.

Let it be so.

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