Friday, 25 November 2016

Culture Wars.

In recent times the extremes of social and cultural philosophies have devolved into Culture Wars.

The extremes of liberalism and conservatism between which the pendulum has swung over the last century have become locked in a battle for supremacy.

These two positions are represented in astrology by the planets Uranus (liberalism) and Saturn (conservatism).

Ironically these are the two planets which rule the sign of Aquarius - the Age into which we are now entering.

So what will happen?

My understanding of Aquarius is that it is essentially liberal but contains certain conservative aspects.

Some of these will correspond.

For example the Saturnian concern for unselfishness and consideration for others corresponds to the Uranian attitude of altruism.

The Saturnian practise of charity corresponds to the Uranian attitude of humanitarianism.

The Saturnian concern for family may be met by the Uranian approach of unconditional love for all.

The Saturnian attitudes of gratitude, patience, self-discipline, and respect can be included in Aquarius without challenging the Uranian concern for freedom and individuality.

Perhaps this is the meaning of Aquarius.

So, rather than engaging in Culture Wars, we should be aiming to harmoniously blend aspects of the two planets that govern Aquarius.

Respect for others' rights.

Respect for the environment.

Same-sex marriage.

The right to life after the quickening (when the child becomes a separate being).

The banning of genetic engineering that is without concern for illness or deformity.

Moderation in the expression of sexuality.

Voluntary volunteering.

Compulsory voting.

Obeying the law of the land.

These are some examples of a sensible approach to harmonizing the two aspects of Aquarius.

Perhaps this is the way forward, rather than trying to win the war.

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