Monday, 12 September 2016

Young People.

What is it that young people need?

Young people are surrounded by darkness - the darkness of materialism, the darkness of corporate inhumanity, the darkness of violence, the darkness of fear.....

And they are caught in a web of evil - the evil spread by rock stars and celebrities - covert Satanism, black magic, and witchcraft - poison, negativity, and living backwards.....

There seems no way out of this darkness, this evil.
They must obey their masters and allow themselves to be corrupted.

Is there no sign of light?
No glimmer of hope?

How can we bring light into their world?
Hope into their lives?

We can only continue to put out our positive messages in the hope that someone will see them, read them, and be touched by them.

There is a God

And He is Life, Light, and Love.

Cry out to Him!

He will hear.

And turn you life around.

Photo Credit: david_shankbone via Compfight cc

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