Sunday, 17 July 2016

Finding God.

In a recent television interview a prominent religious writer said that to find yourself is to find God.

I would agree and disagree.

The self, the soul. the divine spark, is in fact part of God .
But we can identify with this self without being aware of God.

We come to know God through prayer and study and contemplation.

In yoga there are three stages of meditation: concentration, contemplation, and trance-consciousness.

We can concentrate by quietening the mind and being totally in the present moment.

We become aware of God through contemplation of the Divine.

In this way we become connected to God in a way which we were not before.

The Divine has a certain nature - it is transcendent, sublime, wholly good.
It is Life, Light, and Love.

But this is not our self.

God is at once separate from us and connected to us.

After we have found the self it is our task to find God.

And when we do this we begin to reach the end.

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