Thursday, 28 April 2016

God is Coming.

The Africans have a saying when a catastrophe happens - God is coming.

The catastrophe that hit the world's gay community was AIDS.

So in what way could we say that God is coming to the gay community.

After Stonewall in 1969 the gay community enjoyed a decade of activism which saw homosexuality become almost glamorous.

At the height of this surge AIDS hit.

Not only did this stretch the human and spiritual resources of all gay people but it threw up all kinds of prejudices - especially religious prejudices.

The current Progressive Christian movement developed from a reaction to the AIDS crisis.

Jack Spong said that sex sent him back to the Bible - to reinterpret it and set the Progressive Christian movement in motion.

So it is true - God is coming to the gay community.    

Photo Credit: torbakhopper via Compfight cc

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