Monday, 24 August 2015


Post-Modernism is the time when it became apparent that science was not the answer to human suffering and people began to search.

We rejected the moralizing and authoritarian approach of the Churches and began looking at Eastern religions, ancient mythology, yoga, astrology, tarot etc.....

Without knowing what we were looking for we vaguely aspired to some answer that was connected with the Divine.

This is spirituality not religion.

Not wanting to enter a church for fear of being indoctrinated or castrated we searched in vain.

When, in the end, I returned to the Church through Progressive Christianity I found by following the teaching of Jesus to love God and love your neighbor that God was a God of love and forgiveness.

The angry, punitive God of the Old Testament and the old Churches was a projection of earthly authority figures and not the reality at all.

God is transcendent, sublime, non-violent, even small.....

God will not reject you.

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