Saturday, 29 November 2014

Young Gays.

My greatest concern is for young gays who only ever hear negative messages from the Church.

Whenever the issue of gay rights comes up the media set up a conflict between gays on the one hand and Christians on the other.

This means that the only message that young gays hear from the Church is condemnation and damnation.

There are Churches which accept gays and affirm their rights but unfortunately they will not speak up in the public domain.  They are never invited to air their views in the media.

I have also written several letters to the gay press outlining my message of acceptance and love from God, but none of the publications involved would publish them

It is as if they don't want them to know.

So to any young gays who may read this post - know that you are loved by God and accepted as you are, and that you will enter into heaven when you die.

Photo Credit: Tim Evanson via Compfight cc

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