Saturday, 26 January 2013


Theodicy is that branch of theology which attempts to reconcile God's goodness with the existence of evil.

I would say that in most cases what people label as evil in the world today is not evil at all.  Such things as child abuse, rape, and murder are crimes of passion which have plausible explanations.
Is this evil?  I would say that it is not because there is an explanation for it.

And what people see in the world today as not evil - like rock music and horror movies - are evil because those who create them are deliberately doing what they consider to be evil.
Deliberate evil is a conscious choice*.  In this sense evil is not a reality but an idea. And as such it is a human construct and not part of God at all.

(*This choice is usually a reaction against received knowledge about God (i.e. what they have been told) very often about sex (and homosexuality) and the devil and what he can do.  This knowledge is manifestly untrue.)

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